Calibration and Irradiation

Technical Specifications: Gamma - Irradiation - Units

3 Radiation sources:Co - 60
- Dose rate:2 µSv/h ... 500 mSv/h
- Beam cross-section:150 cm ... 20 cm

1 Radiation source:Cs - 137
- Dose rate:100 µSv/h ... 200 mSv/h
- Beam cross-section:50 cm ... 20 cm

Technical Description: X-Ray-Installation Type MXR-201

The X-ray-installation Type MXR-201 is an rough structure testing X-ray-device with an solid wolfram-anode. The maximum tube voltage is 200 kV and can be regulated continuously. The tube current can be regulated - in the area from 1 mA to 5 mA - in stages. The stages are 0.5 mA and 1.0 mA. They are addicted to the voltage. The high-voltage in the radiation generator is generated by an one-phase 2-pulse- high-voltage-transformer.

The Self-Filtering of the X-Ray-Tube as Equivalent is 1.6 mm Al an has to be taken into consideration by the dimensioning of Radiation Filters.

For generation of Defined Radiation Qualities Radiation Filter Wheels had been manufactured with Filters of the Standard Series A (DIN 6818-1) for Hard Filtering.

Following radiation qualities can be generated:

Radiation quality
Average photon energy

A 30
26 keV
A 40
33 keV
A 60
48 keV
A 80
65 keV
A 100
83 keV
A 120
100 keV
A 150
120 keV
A 200
161 keV

Beta Secondary Standards

In beta secondary standards you can calibrate radiation protection measurement devices and you can irradiate samples in homogenous beta radiation fields (strontium-90, krypton-85, promethium-147).
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